Priyanka Slams Journalist Asking About Her Relationship With Deepika


We all know how media people try to provoke celebrities in giving statements which can be converted into a news. Sometimes reporters also cover false stories to spread rumors and get some TRP.  Celebrities usually avoid these kinds of things to keep things away, but sometimes it is hard to avoid. So, they try to answer it in a humorous way or avoid completely.

Recently during the launch of a men’s magazine, Journalist asked Priyanka about her relationship changes with Deepika Padukone. Priyanka didn’t take much time to think and responded nicely. She slammed reporter for asking baseless things.

She confirmed that things are same with Deepika as it used to be. It is just a media bubble reporting the separation.

“You said we are friends. Earlier, you all used to write we are BFF so how did this change, why and how it changed? I did not say it has changed, you said it has changed,” Priyanka told the reporter.